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Product Marketing Manager

Job Location

Belmont, CA, USA

Type of Job


Published Date

May 24, 2020

Job Description

* Drive product strategy bridging short-term execution and long-term vision
* Identify opportunities and represent view of the market by conducting industry research, including deep quantitative, qualitative and competitive analysis
* Analyze product performance, synthesize customer feedback and advocate improvements
* Manage comprehensive, cross-functional activities including Product marketing,  Branding and cooperation with Internet celebrities
* Partner with Product Management, Community Partnerships, Engineering, Communications and other key teams

About the Company

美西最大3D打印公司。目标创立浪费最少,让所有人都可以平等地不受限制地表达自己的创造力。其材料性能已超过了传统的批量生产,将3D打印直接带入大规模生产和定制,并扩展到原型之外。成立至今由硅谷著名的KPCB基金领投,北极光创投、 顺为资本跟投,已进入B轮融资。创始人为哈佛大学本科、硕士及Phd,先后任职于AT&T(贝尔实验室)、Bloom Energy(NASA 火星计划)、Mckinsey等多家知名企业

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