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Job Location

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Type of Job


Published Date

May 1, 2020

Job Description

* Develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality
* Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
* Work with sales team and account managers to prioritize business and information needs
* Locate and define new process improvement opportunities
* Profecient in R or Python
* Experience in working with SQL/MySQL, Hive/Spark, etc.

About the Company

以POS餐厅管理软件为核心产品,集聚 商家运营数据,在构成的商户网络之上,提供支付和金融解决方案,同时有一系列与C端消费者互 动运营流量的产品帮助餐厅营销获客。 全美50个州开展业务,北美餐饮市场8,000亿美元规模。 2015年起,共累计10家天使轮、A轮融资,预计2020年收入2,200万美元

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