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Business Analyst

Job Location

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Type of Job


Published Date

Oct 20, 2022

Job Description

  • Conduct market and industry research to outline market dynamics, including commonly offered financial products

  • Develop project-based dashboard to guidelines and business insights and enhance performance

  • Retrieve, clean and analyze data using Excel, Tableaue, SQL to guide the business

  • Develop process maps for customer experience and supporting business processes

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Analytics

  • 0-1 year of business analytics related experience

  • Basic to advanced knowledge of TABLEAU/Power Query, intermediate (e.g., vlookup) / advanced Excel skills (e.g., Write/edit VBA), and a basic to advanced knowledge of SQL

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

About the Company

The company has its own data platform which provides services related to data collection, integration, analytics, visualization, security and more for organizations.

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