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Behavior Question面试题到底怎么答?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

最近有很多的小伙伴们来咨询,令人头大的行为面试题。今天就来为大家解答一下,一些常见的behavior question要怎么回答~


What are your strenghts and weaknesses?


面试官们问我们strength是为了考察我们是否具备那些在job description中所列举出来的岗位所需要的能力。所以,在我们回答面试官我们的strength的时候,这些strength和job description相匹配是十分重要的。



What are your strenghts and weaknesses?


  • give 3 - 4 strengths that match the job that you are applying for

  • give just 1 weakness that is not match the job that you are applying for

  • give brief details about how you are taking steps to improv on your weakness



“What are your strenghts and weaknesses?”

“My strength includes the fact that I am disciplined; I am a loyal and trustworthy employee, and I will come into your organization and quickly add value through my knowledge and experience. I am disciplined because I focus intently on the tasks that I need to complete, and I plan to make sure they are always done to a high standard.

I am loyal and trustworthy, and I will take great pride representing your business when dealing with customers or clients.

Over the years I have gained lots of experience in this industry, so you have the peace of mind you will get a good return on your investment.

In respect of my weakness, this is the fact I find it difficult asking other people for help. I want to learn my own way, but of course I realize there is lots of talent witnin a team, and I need to start asking other people for guidence whenever I am unsure.

Having said that, I am the type of person who is always open to improvement. I am conscious of this weakness and I am taking positive steps to change by being more mindful when this type of situation happens. ”


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