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User Experience Designer

Job Location

San Francisco, CA, USA

Type of Job

full time/intern

Published Date

Sep 29, 2021

Job Description

  • Participate in design brainstorming and ideation sessions with cross-disciplinary teams that result in breakthrough UX design innovations for Veritas products and services

  • Develop high level and/or detailed storyboards, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design concepts

  • Ability to quickly iterate, revise the designs based on frequent reviews

  • Collaborate closely with other Designers, Engineers, User Researchers, Info Developers and Product Management to ensure product and service experiences that delight our customers.

About the Company

一家专注于娱乐营销的动态图形的公司,正在扩大公司的动态图形团队,以便在 2021 年底之前与公司的网络和工作室合作伙伴一起承担一系列激动人心的项目。公司正在寻找想要学习娱乐营销技巧并与才华横溢的人一起发展技能的初级艺术家团队

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