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UI 设计师

Job Location

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Type of Job


Published Date

Apr 10, 2020

Job Description

* The ability to deliver an engaging user experience across multiple platforms on web or mobile devices
* Proficient with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver
*  Experience with HTML and CSS and responsive design are preferred
* Attention to detail and accuracy are a must

About the Company

硅谷估值最高的儿童智能牙刷科技企业,CEO为犹太裔美国人,加州以色列企业家协会主席。该企业曾获得Greatest American Inventor创业真人秀100万美金奖金。公司极具发展前景,未来有很大机会被Philips收购。

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