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Software Engineer- Data Visualization

Job Location

San jose Bay Area, CA, USA

Type of Job

Full time

Published Date

May 18, 2021

Job Description

• Working with developers in the company to understand data inside the vehicle system. • Making decisions about APIs and data flow considering usability, performance, and compatibility.

• Develop visualization tools using web rendering and modern javascript technologies.

• Build web interfaces for vehicle testing to control and monitor the system. For example, the perception of objects around our vehicle; the system status; planning future decisions and reasons.

• Provide cloud service to view tremendous vehicle testing data after the trip for analytic purposes.

• Develop 3D Rendering system using Three.js, WebGL, WebAssembly.

• Architect, implement and maintain data extraction and user interaction tools both for frontend and backend.

• Implement APIs for developers to use and extend current functionalities.

• Identify performance bottlenecks and safety issues in the system, benchmark on different methods and provide solutions.

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