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Product Design Engineer

Job Location

Newark, CA

Type of Job

full time

Published Date

Sep 30, 2021

Job Description

  • The Product Development Engineer works with raw material suppliers to define, develop and improve interior and exterior trim parts, including but not limited to: carpet and acoustic parts, cargo management systems, hard trims, overhead systems, motor bay noise control parts, underbody panels, etc.

  • Builds prototype parts and conducts trials to improve production process.

  • Develops process parameters to support R&D, quotation, tool design, product/program launch and production.

  • Works with Sales to promote company products.

  • Provides onsite support to company products

  • Creates, manages and maintains raw material specification, technical data sheets of raw materials, technical data sheets of company products electronically.

  • Works with Gissing Group’s global resources to bring product ideas/concepts to commercialization.

  • Develops and improves company product competitiveness in cost, weight, function and performance.

  • Recommends and implements continuous product improvement measures to reduce product cost in consistence with product requirements.

  • Integrates superior acoustical performance into company products.

  • Supports program build events and launches to ensure parts meet functional requirements.

  • Develops and delivers effective customer and internal technical presentations as required.

  • Other duties as assigned.

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