Marketing Analyst

Job Location

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Type of Job

Full time/intern

Published Date

Jul 26, 2021

Job Description

* Manage blog and social media content entry and deployment;  
* Design our social media presence, oversee the build-out and maintenance;  
* Identify trends and insights, and optimize ad budgets and content performance based on the insights;
* Collaborate with internal teams to create digital marketing campaigns and optimize user experience;  
* Plan and assist in the execution of all web, SEO/SEM, social media advertising campaigns;  
* Knowledge and/or practical application of digital media related to online marketing such as video and animation;  
* Report metrics and provide analyses of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs).

About the Company

LED照明一站式解决方案,旨在激发和开发在美房屋、办公室、艺术品和零售空间中的商用LED照明技术。在加州洛杉矶和拉斯维加斯拥有独立办公室,专注于B2B业务和B2C的支持。公司的使命是成为一个创新的在线解决方案提供商,经营多个品牌,以提供高质量的产品和最好的客户体验为目标; 把服务目标客户做到极致,通过务实的工作和透明化的沟通建立持续性合作与业务增长。

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