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Design / Sale

Job Location

Palo Alto, CA

Type of Job


Published Date

Sep 30, 2021

Job Description

  • Implement interior design elements, layout design, understand color combinations, suggest recommendations and reconfiguration options

  • Create, modify and refine designs to conform to client’s specifications, production limitations, changes in design trends and take projects to start to completion

  • Utilize computer-aided 2020 design software and advanced technology to maximize efficiency in designing projects, create 3D renderings and provide professional guidelines for clients

  • Assist and educate clients with their kitchen/bathroom/closet remodeling needs

  • Translate complicated technical jargon. You will need to speak to clients about our product features and differentiators compared with other brands and confidently answer questions they might have

  • Coordinate client quotations from start to finish

  • Manage the full cycle ordering process to support a seamless client experience

  • Communicating professionally with staff and customers in a respectful, tactful and concise manner

  • Meet monthly sales and margin goals

  • Keep management informed of weekly activity plans, progress and monthly analysis

  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending online educational workshops, reviewing professional publications and establishing personal networks

  • Recommend changes in products, services or policies by evaluating results, client feedback and competitive research

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