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Data and Program Analyst

Job Location

San Francisco, CA, USA

Type of Job

full time/Intern

Published Date

Jul 9, 2021

Job Description

  • Working knowledge of data management software, i.e., Excel, Qualtrics, PeopleSoft, CS Link. Excellent writing and communication skills.

  • Statistical analysis knowledge and skills using appropriate software, i.e., SPSS, in order to facilitate data analysis. Working knowledge of Tableau to visualize data. Ability to present data in creative and innovative ways appropriate to needs of specific audience.

  • Ability to communicate with an ethnically and culturally diverse campus community. Ability to follow all university policies, procedures, and guidelines including but not limited to safety, civility, information security, and non-discrimination policies and procedures. Ability to contribute to a positive university experience for each and every student, and assist in achieving the university's commitment to a "vision of excellence."

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