Data Analyst

Job Location

New York, NY, USA

Type of Job

full time/intern

Published Date

Aug 5, 2021

Job Description

  • Ability to understand, simplify, statistically analyze, and effectively interpret data and report problems through written and/or graphical formats.

  • Applies extensive knowledge of engineering concepts and practical engineering implementations to product development, typically covering more than one functional area of DUV systems to data interpretation.

  • Translates and understands technical reliability concerns from chipmakers to engineering

  • Ability to assess the laser design according to the engineering design intent & specification

  • Contribute to engineering design teams to ensure that reliability and customer requirements are being met

  • Characterizes, quantifies,and encapsulates technical laser issues to evaluate comprehensive laser engineering design, reliability and business impact accounting for both internal and customer-facing factors.

About the Company

硅谷科技实验室。使用集成的微阵列平台实现基于症状的自身免疫性疾病和其他慢性疾病的诊断和预后,以可承受的成本实现多重测试。由技术专家和科学家创立,以科学为导向的方法为一系列疾病提供了大量产品和服务,包括过敏、自身免疫、结缔组织、类风湿性关节炎和传染病,已获得 CLIA 和 CAP 认可。

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