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Digital Marketing Analytics 数字营销分析必备证书

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

进入到2022年,许多企业都在致力于建立网站、社交媒体资料等方式,因为大家都看到了数字营销的优势,包括了高覆盖率、高投资回报率、易于监控、易于实时分析和操作等等。Digital Marketing也为企业带来了很多好处。他们可以通过社交媒体轻松地与目标客户沟通。通过社交媒体,他们可以了解目标市场的偏好以及不同产品或服务的优缺点,从而改进产品。

Digital Marketing目前已经成为许多同学的职业选择,包括专业是Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Communications等等。而目前美国就业市场上对经过培训和认证的Digital Marketing专业人员的需求量很大。像Google 和 LinkedIn 等一些数字营销巨头,以及其它各种各样的公司在Digital Marketing领域一直在创造新的就业机会。事实上,仅今年就有数百个职位空缺,而且这个数字未来只会上升。

而作为职场小白的留学生们,如果你想找Digital Marketing相关的工作,如果你拥有Digital Marketing Certificate的话,将为你的技能提供可信度。为了获得你职业起步期的第一份工作,如果雇主能够以某种方式知道你具备适当完成工作所需的技能,他们会对你来担任这个工作会更有安全感,而Digital Marketing certificates是帮助他们了解候选人是否具备必要的数字营销技能的有效途径。

Digital Marketing Certificate 推荐

以下是目前线上平台与很多科技公司(比如Google和Meta)合作推出的Digital Marketing Certificate课程,基本上都是有7天的free trial,速速马住吧!

1. Google Analytics Projects

Google Analytics是数字营销非常有用的分析工具,通过学习这些课程或certificate能够帮助你更好的了解在真正industry和真实的project中要怎么去监测数据和变量的变动。

  • Digging Deeper into Audience Reports in Google Analytics

  • Assess for Success: Marketing Analytics and Measurement

2. Digital Marketing Concepts and Metrics
  • Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Professional Certificate

  • Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate




One of the key strengths of Local Marketing Geek lies in their ability to personalize strategies according to the unique characteristics of each locality. Whether it's optimizing Google My Business listings, curating location-specific content, or fostering partnerships with local influencers, these professionals tailor their approach to align seamlessly with the distinct preferences and interests of the target demographic. This personalized touch not only enhances brand engagement but also fosters a sense of community connection that is invaluable in today's hyperconnected world.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, having access to powerful tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing is crucial semrush alternative. While SEMrush has long been a dominant force in this arena, there are several alternatives that offer unique features and capabilities to cater to diverse needs. Exploring alternatives to SEMrush can be beneficial for businesses seeking a different approach or feature set. Some notable SEMrush alternatives include Ahrefs, Moz, SpyFu, and Serpstat.


One notable alternative is Ahrefs, semrush alternatives renowned for its comprehensive backlink analysis and keyword research capabilities.

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