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San Mateo, CA, USA

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Published Date

Oct 3, 2020

Job Description

• Design and develop data communication interfaces over different network
protocols including HTTP, WebSocket, RTSP, TCP, ONVIF and BLE;
• Design the architecture for company's software system and selecting
technology stack for each component in the system to ensure development
speed and software performance
• Design and implement highly efficient algorithms on company's robotic
platform, such as automatic patrolling and object avoidance algorithms;
• Build video streaming software on various platforms with suitable frameworks
and tools, for example using Video Toolbox on iOS and FFMpeg on Android;
• Develop iOS applications using various frameworks and technologies, such as
MVC, MVVM and Viper for architecture, Core Data and Realm for data
persistence, GCD for multi-threading, Metal for low level rendering, and
Tensorflow and Core ML for deep learning algorithms;
• Review code for the software development team to advance performance,
reliability and availability and to ensure that a program continues to function
normally through software maintenance and testing;
• Being part of company's engineering team, collaborate with other computer
software engineers to create Turing Video's optimum software

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