Data Engineer

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Type of Job

Full Time

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Job Description

Language:Python, Java, SQL

• Servicing our clients by providing them with insightful data as it pertains to their content in the marketplace, using the latest in data warehousing and search optimizations. 

• Continually improving our efficiency in identifying properties through machine learning.

• Capturing relevant data points to provide actionable information for our customers.

• Provide seamless and timely data access for your users

• Build reliable and dependable ETL

• Build and maintain production machine learning infrastructure

• Troubleshoot complex issues in distributed systems

• Debate data processing philosophies and methodologies with your team

About the Company

上市公司 - SaaS行业全球领导者,主攻知识产权保护、货币化和市场营销等方面。其技术和产品通过为内容创造者提供控制和最大化社交网络价值的工具,改变公司对待线上用户的思维模式。通过内容识别和定制营销策略为全球最大的网络平台、电影制片厂、电视网络、体育联盟、音乐唱片公司,以及其他内容所有者提供服务。总部位于美国硅谷,在洛杉矶、纽约、澳大利亚、日本、伦敦、香港等设有办公室。

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Email:   |   地址:950 Tower Ln, Foster City, CA, 94404

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